Excluded from blood donation

Excluded from blood donation
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Age, weight: some restrictions on blood donation may surprise. Decryption with Dr. Dominique Legrand of the French Blood Establishment.

While being healthy appears to be a reasonable prerequisite for giving blood, other restrictive criteria set by the January 2009 decree are less obvious. Explanations with Dr. Dominique Legrand, Director of the French Blood Establishment in Rhône-Alpes.

• The rules that aim to preserve the health of the donor:

The donor must not have anemia , type 1 diabetes or cancer . The pregnant women are excluded up to 6 months after childbirth, as well as the minor (more susceptible to ailments) or people over 70 years who are at increased risk of chronic diseases, including cardiovasc…

Blood donation

Collect, donation conditions Find the information you need to help French Blood Establishment save lives.
Today and for the coming weeks, ?the French Blood Establishment is alerting about the fragile level of its blood supply and is launching a national emergency appeal for donations before the April holidays and the many May bridges that go to further reduce stocks.

Every year millions of patients are treated thanks to blood donations

Anyone can give blood under certain conditions related to the safety of donors and patients. That is why before each donation, a confidential interview is assured by a doctor.
You can give your blood if:

You are between 18 and 70 years old.
You weigh at least 50 kg.

How many times a year can you give your blood?

4 times a year for women.
6 times a year for men.
With a minimum interval of 8 weeks between each blood donation.

In some situations you will have to wait to give your blood:

1 week after dental care (except caries and decalcification: 1 day) -…

Blood donation - What conditions?

Everyone can not give blood. Here is the list of criteria to complete for donating blood.

Regulations regulate donations of blood. These rules are mainly provided for by the decree of 12 January 2009 setting the criteria for the selection of blood donors.

To read also: Gift of blood conditions

Except in exceptional situations, a minor can not donate blood. You must be at least 18 to give. The protected adults can not donate blood.

An age limit is also applicable. You can not give blood if you are 70 years old or older. If you are over the age of 60, you must obtain permission from a doctor at the facility performing the blood transfusion.

You can not donate white blood cells if you are 50 years old.

You must make at least 50 pounds to donate blood.

The order of 12 January 2009 sets a table of contraindications because of the risks for the donor or the recipient. These contraindications include cases of …

Changes to criteria

The criteria for donating blood are regularly reviewed according to the latest scientific data. It may happen that people who could not donate blood can now do so.

Here are the latest changes. If you have questions, such as whether you can give blood, call our health professionals at 1-866-I-DONATE (1-866-533-6663).

Book now to donate blood

Thousands of Canadians are now eligible to donate blood!
Last changes
June 3, 201 9
With the approval of Health Canada from Canadian Blood Services, men who have sex with men (MSM) can now donate blood 3 months after their last sexual relationship. Learn more

August 27, 2018
Heart problems  - If you have ever had a heart attack or suffered from heart disease, such as coronary artery disease, you may be able to give blood if, in the last 12 months: 

you did not feel any symptoms
you have not suffered any physical limitation 
you have not had any surgery or medical treatment for this problem 
Regions at risk for malaria  - The list of regions at ris…

Can you give blood?

Good to know: you can continue giving after your 66th birthday. From this age, your last donation should not go back more than three years and you must have the approval of the doctor present at the collection.

Your security is paramount for us
We want the gift to be safe: for you, the donor, but also for the patient who will receive your blood. Therefore, in some cases, you will not be allowed - temporarily or permanently - to donate blood, plasma or platelets. We select donors before the blood donation by asking them questions and submitting them to a brief review. Our selection criteria are scientifically established.

When can we / can we not give blood?
To ensure the safety of the collected blood, we apply scientifically established selection criteria. You want to know more ? We have written for you the list of the most common reasons for exclusion. In case of doubt, you can always contact the collection doctor at your donation center.

1. Age
2. Weight, height and sex
3. Time betw…

Blood donation: who are those who can not give it?

There are often blood donation campaigns. We invite everyone to give some. Because the blood, remember, can help save hundreds of lives. There is also a blood bank that needs to be constantly renewed. Because the plasma has an expiration date and therefore can not be stored for life even if it has never been used. How do you know if you can become a blood donor? Because yes, some people, despite their goodwill, can not donate their blood. Here is a list of those concerned.

Who can not give blood?
People who weigh less than 50 kilos
It is not allowed to give blood if you weigh less than 50 kilograms. Because a person with a lower weight could not stay healthy once it was extracted 450 cc of blood. For the safety of the donor, these donations are prohibited.

People who donated less than 2 months ago
Blood donations can be made every two months, provided you are in good physical condition and meet basic requirements. But if a person gave blood less than 2 months ago, they can not donate …

When can not one give blood?

EWS Under certain circumstances, the donation of blood can not be authorized at the moment. These are the situations that require the deferment of the levy.

As a reminder, a blood donor must be over 18 years of age and under 66 years old and have a minimum weight of 50 kg.

In which cases is it necessary to postpone the donation?

A stay abroad

If you traveled to one of these European countries or to one of these regions between May and November, you have to wait 28 days after your return before giving blood.

• Albania: all the territory
• Italy: Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Sardinia
• Greece: the part connected to the continent but also the islands (Evia and Samos)
• Croatia: all the territory
• Macedonia: the whole territory
• Romania: all the territory
• Serbia: all the territory

If you have traveled outside Europe, you have to wait 28 days after the return but it can go up to six months according to the destination.

A medical examination

If you have had an endoscopy o…