Blood donation

Collect, donation conditions Find the information you need to help French Blood Establishment save lives.
Today and for the coming weeks, ?the French Blood Establishment is alerting about the fragile level of its blood supply and is launching a national emergency appeal for donations before the April holidays and the many May bridges that go to further reduce stocks.

Every year millions of patients are treated thanks to blood donations

Anyone can give blood under certain conditions related to the safety of donors and patients. That is why before each donation, a confidential interview is assured by a doctor.
You can give your blood if:

You are between 18 and 70 years old.
You weigh at least 50 kg.

How many times a year can you give your blood?

4 times a year for women.
6 times a year for men.
With a minimum interval of 8 weeks between each blood donation.

In some situations you will have to wait to give your blood:

1 week after dental care (except caries and decalcification: 1 day) - 1 week after antibiotic treatment.
2 weeks minimum after infection and / or fever> 38 °.
4 months after a trip to a country where malaria is prevalent.
4 months after surgery. - 4 months after a piercing or tattoo.
6 months after childbirth.
As a precaution, you can not donate your blood if:

You have been transfused.
You stayed between 1980 and 1996, more than a year cumulative, in the British Isles.
You use or have used intravenous drug.


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