Can you give blood?

Good to know: you can continue giving after your 66th birthday. From this age, your last donation should not go back more than three years and you must have the approval of the doctor present at the collection.

Your security is paramount for us
We want the gift to be safe: for you, the donor, but also for the patient who will receive your blood. Therefore, in some cases, you will not be allowed - temporarily or permanently - to donate blood, plasma or platelets. We select donors before the blood donation by asking them questions and submitting them to a brief review. Our selection criteria are scientifically established.

When can we / can we not give blood?
To ensure the safety of the collected blood, we apply scientifically established selection criteria. You want to know more ? We have written for you the list of the most common reasons for exclusion. In case of doubt, you can always contact the collection doctor at your donation center.

1. Age
2. Weight, height and sex
3. Time between donations
You can only give blood up to four times a year. After each blood donation, wait at least two months before giving blood.

You can give plasma or platelets every two weeks.

Combined donations of blood, plasma and / or platelets? After a blood donation, you must wait two weeks before you donate plasma or blood platelets, and at least two months before you donate blood again.

4. Traveling abroad
5. Operations
6. Visit to the dentist
7. Pregnancy
8. Aesthetic or therapeutic treatment by means of a needle, eg tattoo or piercing
9. Contact with human blood following a sting, cut, projection or bite accident
10. Illness or infection
11. Sex partner
12. Medication / vaccination
13. Drug use


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