Changes to criteria

The criteria for donating blood are regularly reviewed according to the latest scientific data. It may happen that people who could not donate blood can now do so.

Here are the latest changes. If you have questions, such as whether you can give blood, call our health professionals at 1-866-I-DONATE (1-866-533-6663).

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Last changes
June 3, 201 9
With the approval of Health Canada from Canadian Blood Services, men who have sex with men (MSM) can now donate blood 3 months after their last sexual relationship. Learn more

August 27, 2018
Heart problems  - If you have ever had a heart attack or suffered from heart disease, such as coronary artery disease, you may be able to give blood if, in the last 12 months: 

you did not feel any symptoms
you have not suffered any physical limitation 
you have not had any surgery or medical treatment for this problem 
Regions at risk for malaria  - The list of regions at risk for malaria has been updated. Some destinations that represented a prior risk are now acceptable. To check a destination, see the Travel section. To see if you can donate blood, call us at 1-866-DONATE (1-866-533-6663).
Celiac disease  - If you suffer from celiac disease, you can give blood, as long as you feel good on the day of your donation.

April 23, 2018?

We have changed many of our eligibility criteria based on the latest findings from scientific research: thousands of people could now donate blood every year. Help us spread the word!

Tattoos and piercings ( piercings )  - The waiting period to give blood after a tattoo or piercing is now 3 months instead of 6. 
Micro epilation  - If you use your own device, you do not have to wait; otherwise, you have to wait 6 months. 
Marijuana and Alcohol  - You can donate blood if you are not under the influence of marijuana or alcohol at the time of your donation and can give your consent knowingly. Before, donors had to wait 12 hours after dissipation of effects. Many people believe that they can not give blood because they have already used marijuana; This is not the case. 
Hepatitis, jaundice  - There is no longer lifetime exclusion for donors who have previously suffered from hepatitis, except for those who have had hepatitis B or C. Many hepatitis or jaundice is caused by a noninfectious virus, not infection or hepatitis B or C. Once cured, these hepatitis are not contagious. Our questions about hepatitis now only cover the 6 months prior to donation. 
Transfusion of blood and blood products (and sexual partners)  - If you have received blood or blood products, you can donate blood 6 months after the transfusion; before, the waiting period was one year. 
We are no longer asking questions about clotting factor concentrates that you or your sexual partners have received. In some cases, this may mean that someone who could not donate blood can now do so. For more information, contact our health professionals at 1-866-I-DONATE (1-866-533-6663). 
Epilepsy  - You can give blood 6 months after your last seizure. If you are taking a preventive medicine, it must be one of the accepted medications. To check, call 1 866 I DONATE (1-866-533-6663). 
Togo or Cameroon  - We are no longer asking you if you or your sex partner spent time in Togo or Cameroon in the last 12 months. This is due to the change in the international HIV surveillance program and recent scientific evidence that these countries no longer have a high risk of emerging new strains of HIV. It should be noted that if you have recently been to either of these countries, you will have to wait a while before giving blood because of the risk of malaria.
These changes do not pose a risk to patients receiving blood or blood products. Our goal is to allow as many people as possible to donate blood while ensuring that blood and blood products are safe.


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